Monday, June 19, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Monday June 19, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Shauna filled in for Sky today. It was different but Shauna did a great job. There were a couple of times where the weather was confused and Mikey and her could not get it together. Then closer to the end of the show, Shauna kind of gave up on the weather and told us to watch out because there was a chance of snow. Also, the guys called her out on not inviting them to the Chargers Media party she went to as well as the Hall and Oates concert she was at where she rushed the stage drunk.

~ We played Sales Person Trivia today. Today the newbie's went up against each other, it was Shelby versus Elizabeth. Elizabeth came in looking very confident bringing in her information for the client she wanted to plug with it ready to go. She lead the competition the entire time and Shelby had the chance to tie it but could not giving Elizabeth the win. Next week is the finals.

~ Kathy Griffin called into the show today. We did not have a lot of time with her today and it was kind of disappointing. Mikey wanted to dive into so many different things with Kathy. He only really got to talk to her a little bit about her show and how tomorrow nights episode is of her in Iraq entertaining the troops. Mikey tried to get her to promise that she would stop by the studio when she was in town but did not give us a definite.

~ B. Rob told us that his girlfriend dropped the "L" word on him and he did not react. She told him that she loved him and he did not respond. This brought the topic up of who said "I love you" first in all of our relationships and how you did it. Eddie said he texted his fiancé that he loved her and Mikey told us that he was the first one to say it.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Puss Rock Juke Box.


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