Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Tuesday June 20, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Sky is back! Sky returned from her trip today and we missed her dearly. It was not even 5 minutes into the show where her and Mikey got into it with each other, then everyone else joined in.

~ We played some Puss Rock Juke Box. Today was one of the better batch's of all time. P-1 Army Soldier called in to play and hit the high notes like a chick, Eddie said "don’t ask, don't tell". The last P-1 today did not know the lyrics so he made up his own singing that Mikey looks like a Mexican Greg Vaughn.

~ During open phones today P-1 Brittany told us about a weird thing that she encountered on a date recently. She told us that while walking out to the guys car she noticed a vanity plate that referred to how buff the guy was. She thought it was really cheesy and was not sure if she was going to go out with him again. Mikey told us that he used to have one that said "rock jock" but he was shamed into never putting it on his car. Everyone pretty much agreed that having a plate that states how muscular you are is pretty lame.

~ Mikey read this article listing the top ten things you should know before going on a first date. Some of the things were to know at least three major things going on in current events, to know three titles and authors from the New York Times Best Seller list, also to know at least one joke really well. Mikey felt that the list was trying to make you be something that you might not be and gave us his own list of things to know before a first date. Some of the things on Mikey's list were to keep your cell phone off, to smell good, to dress nice, not to talk about ex's or to talk about yourself too much.

~ Mikey got an email from a guy who is getting married for the second time and wants a pre-nup. The guys' lady is not all about getting a pre-nup and he was looking to see what the show thought about pre-nups. Sky shocked everybody when she said that if she was to get married today she would want a pre-nup.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Cheaters Hotel. Mikey's Gay Pod.


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