Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Thursday June 22, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Tough Love with our boy Eddie made its triumphant return today. Eddie dished out his tough yet brutally honest love to a P-1 that had met him and wanted Eddie to help him get the word out that he was starting a new band, a P-1 broad that needed a game plan to convince her mom to fund her boob job and a guy who is having a child with his wife really soon but they cannot agree on a name.

~ We played Tone deaf karaoke today. I think Ashlee might be getting better at singing or our P-1's are getting better at deciphering singing in the key of retard. Ashlee belted out Hungry like the Wolf by Duran, Duran. She gave us a sweet rendition of Usher and Lil John's song Yeah and ended it with Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You.

~ We talked to P-1 Amber who got a shock yesterday when we did a cheaters hotel on her husband. She told us that he has another kid with this other hussy and they are expecting again. She said they talked it through and he told her he would leave that other chick to be with her and then she dropped the bomb on us. She said she was going to stay with him. Everyone on the show and the P-1's advised her to get out now because it is not a good situation for her but she is an adult and has to make her own choices.

~ B. Rob dropped two of his latest hits today. The first is a parody of 50 Cent's Candy Shop called Taco Shop and in it he raps about taking a broad out to a taco shop on a first date. The second B. Rob lets you look inside and see he is a person with feelings, it’s a parody of the Cheers TV. show theme song. It is all about how he believes everyone on the show thinks he is lame.

~ Sugar Ray Leonard called into the show today. He told us that he still talks to Tommy Herns and whenever they talk Tommy asks him what he is weighing and then taunts him to get in the ring with him but only body shots. We found out that he wants his wife to call him Suga but she calls him Ray and when she is mad at him, like the time he forgot to pick up his kids at school because he was golfing, she calls him Ray Leonard.

~ Mikey brought up the fact that lately Boy Blunder also know as Budweiser of the B.C. and Clint show has been trying to make lunch plans with them a lot lately. Mikey thought he had ulterior motives for the lunch dates like he was going to come out of the closet or some kind of big announcement but when they went out there wasn't. We talked to Blunder/Rick/Budweiser and he said he was just trying to take the initiative to hang out. Clint then called in and told us that whenever he asks him to hang out or go to lunch Budweiser tells him no.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Bombed at the Beach. Sebastian Bach calls into the show.


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