Friday, June 30, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Friday June 30, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ It is Ashlee's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL LADY!!! She is 23 today and we all sang her Happy Birthday on air today in the key of Ashlee.

~ Sean told us a story about his cat running away. He told us that last week his cat got out of the house and he went around the neighborhood looking for it. He went to the Korean neighbors, the ones that hate him, and asked if they had seen his cat. The man who opened the door spoke almost no English so he got his son to come and translate. Once he found out what Sean was asking him, he lost it. He thought Sean was racially profiling him and suggesting that they ate Sean's cat.

~ We played a special edition of Low I.Q. Haiku today for Ashlee's birthday. We tried giving her easier words but that did not even help. She said she drinks out of a cavalier than when we asked her what shrapnel meant, she had no clue. Finally Mikey had to improvise to help her out and he asked her what bread meant.

~ Carlos Mencia called into the show today. Mikey told him that he tried to mend the bridge between him and Joe Rogan but Joe called him a thief and scumbag. Carlos did not want to even dignify what Joe said and said his life is good and he does not need to deal with that. Then Carlos told Mikey about a new bit he was working on called the Stereo Typical Olympics. When we got off the line with him, Mikey said he can not have Carlos on the show any more because the bit he told us about was actually some one else's idea. They heard it in Radio Boot camp a year ago from some D.J.'s in Miami.

~ Miles McPherson and Traa from P.O.D came into the studio to talk about the free show on the Fourth of July. It is going to be at Coors Amphitheater and Miles is going to deliver a message along with P.O.D. playing. Miles told us that this started 10 years ago (the free shows) and P.O.D. actually played the first one they ever did. Traa told us how when on the road to resist temptation the guys in the band hold each other accountable and they keep their focus on what is important to them. Miles told us that the hardest audience is the one where it is in a pro sports team's chapel right before a game.

Next week The Mikey Show will be running Best Of until Wednesday.


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