Monday, July 10, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Monday July 10, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Carlos Mencia called into the show today, without us even knowing. Carlos was on the show last week and pitched us a bit he was working on called stereotypical Olympics. Mikey explained once he was off the line with us that 2 jocks in Miami actually came up with that. Also during that interview we talked to Carlos about how Joe Rogan will not mend the bridge with Carlos because he still thinks he is a thief. Carlos called today to clear the air and let us know that the bit he told us about was not his and it came from those jocks in Miami and he is actually boys with them. He told us they were the ones who  wanted him to use the bit and they gave him the ok.

~ We played Loaded Questions today. Today's loaded questions were almost dead give always. We found out a lot about Eddie, Sky and Mikey. We learned that when Eddie bets, he bets numbers for sports players like he will bet on 16 for Joe Montana, 23 for Michael Jordan and 8 for Steve Young. Mikey told us that if he hits the lotto he already has a designated amount he would give each of us. He said he would give Sean, Sky and Eddie each a million and B. Rob and Ashlee each half a million. Sky explained to us her favorite treat of all is muddy bears which are chocolate covered gummy bears and that once a year she bleaches her toe hair.

~ Duce McAllister the running back for New Orleans Saints called into the show today. He talked to us about the rebuilding of New Orleans and how he has been trying to help out as much as he can. He said he was doing a lot of hands on work working with Habitat for Humanity and well as working with kids. He also told us that he is helping charities in the area raise money to rebuild and get everyone back on their feet.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Puss Rock Juke Box. Dr. Phil gives his backwoods weirdo advice.


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