Monday, July 31, 2006

Mikey Show Recap July 31, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Mikey got an email from a P-1 that said he was going to get a vasectomy and he was really scared. He continued on to say that he had a previous surgery that went really bad and he was very frightened that this one might get messed up as well. P-1's called into the show to tell of their vasectomy stories which most of them were horror stories of the pain.

~ We played P-1 Pop Culture Quiz with our boy Eddie today. He went three for three today and remains undefeated. It was a close on though when he could not identify a George Michael lyric but he pulled it out and got it correct.

~ Mikey told us about a new friend he has started email with and that they have been sending him forwards relentlessly. Mikey is not a big fan of forwards unless they are unusually funny and/or have people getting hurt in it which he finds hilarious. Eddie agrees with Mikey, that a lot of email forwards are not worth the time of day to check them out, especially the long story ones that you have to read.

~ In case you did not hear, Mel Gibson got pinched with a DUI this past weekend. We talked about it all morning long because during the arrest he supposedly made some anti-Semitic comments and some derogatory comments towards a female officer.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Puss Rock Juke Box.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Friday July 28, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Cesar Milan The Dog Whisperer called into the show today. He told us that he uses common sense in a lot of the situations with dogs and the stuff that he said to us was brilliant. He said he rehabilitates dogs and trains people and that if the person is unstable the animal will not follow it or accept it as a leader. He told us you can graduate from Harvard but that does not mean that you know how to walk a dog. He revealed to us that he was raise on a farm and the rule was to not work against mother nature.

~ We played Low I.Q. Haiku with our special lady Ashlee. Today even the P-1's were having trouble with the words and Ashlee did not have a clue like usual. Some of the words today were "amicable", "extraneous", and "poignant".

~ We had another Women's Panel on the show today. The women on the panel were Shelby and Gina from sales and Ashlee's friend Sisanie. P-1 men were allowed to call in and get an honest take from the ladies on all sorts of different questions that normally they would not ask their girlfriend. Some topics addressed were how to tell your wife of 7 years that you are not attracted to her because of the weight she put on, living with your parents still, dealing with ex's, and why women seem like they love to argue.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mikey Show Recap July 28, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ We played Tone Deaf Karaoke today. Ashlee absolutely dominated her songs today. We had a couple of winners today and I am wicked surprised that they could decipher her lyrics. She sang a Kiss song and a song from Sheryl Crow.

~ We got a call from a P-1 during open phones today who was about to go on vacation and had a dilemma he needed help with. He had told us that he has been planning to go on vacation for a while and it’s the only time he gets off of work and his wife's aunt just went into the hospital and she wants to go and visit her and not go to Hawaii. Mikey believes family is way more important and convinced Sky who was on the fence about the situation to think the same. Eddie told the guy to head to Hawaii.

~ We played Bombed at the beach today. Today Mikey decided to let a P-1 play for him. Ashlee questioned a couple of weirdoes for today's games. The guy called himself fat zebra and the chick did not want to give any answers. Some of the questions were what does H2O stand for and what country has the Maple leaf on there flag.

~ There is going to be a new show on the Sci-Fi channel tonight called Who Wants To Be A Superhero?. It involves Stan Lee who is practically a God to comic book junkies. They are having people compete to become a comic book character. The people on the show have created their own super hero like Fat Momma and Levity, check it out tonight it is at 9pm on the Sci-Fi channel.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… The Dog Whisperer. It's that time of the month again, for The Women's Panel.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mikey Show Recap July 25, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Morgan Spurlock called into the show today. He talked to us about his show 30 Days and the things they did for the second season. The show is a social experiment and put people in life changing situations for 30 days. He told us about the season finale and how he goes to jail with the general population for 30 days. He said we have to watch to find out if love is in the air.

~ We talked about Dane Cook and the possible joke thievery that he is involved in. We received an email from a listener about Dane Cook stealing his jokes from another comic. The other Comic is Louie CK who has a show on HBO that comes on right before Danes' show tourgasm. Mikey said it does not effect him if Dane steal jokes because Mikey thinks Dane is funny in his delivery. Sky and Eddie both had it take a little different effect on them in the negative way.

~ Mikey got an email from this guy who needed some advice on what he should do in his situation. The p-1 was dating this chick who made a comment to him about 9/11 being a conspiracy put on by the government. The guy wanted to know if he should break the heck out of there or what. Mikey called in Dr. Phil and Dr. Phil told him that his uncle Charlie Sheen always used to tell him that nothing seems too crazy when you are telling it to a hooker.

~ We played Puss Rock Juke Box today. The batch of P-1's that we had on today were hilarious. The first two winners almost completely made up their own lyrics including the lyrics "Madonna is not my strong point". They sang it to the correct melody and they were very gay.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Audio Slave's Chris Cornell. Mikey's Court.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Monday July 24, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Toby from Rock Star Super Nova called into the show today. He is the Australian guy that all the chick love on the show. He told us that if he was not on the show he would pick Lucas as the winner and then went on to say that he will be shocked if Lucas does not win. He also agreed with Mikey on the fact that the women on the show are looked at more like sexual objects than talent.

~ Zule who won Miss Universe last night called into the show today. She was hilarious, she is from Puerto Rico and she needed a translator to help with some of the interview. She spoke broken English and what we could decipher from her is that when she passed out when she won last night it was because of the heat and how tight her dress was. She is only 18 and has no boyfriend and is not married. She tried telling us the only man in her life is her father but it came out wrong and she said she is married to her father.

~ Sky made a bold statement today saying that she believes that UCSD students are smarter than SDSU students. Ashlee went to SDSU and it offended her at first but Sky made amends with her. Sky also stated that you get the really hot girls at State and the more nerdy girls at UCSD. P-1's called in and to our surprise most of them agreed with Sky.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… From the show 30 Days Morgan Spurlock. Dr. Phil with his crazy backwoods advice.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Friday July 21, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Today is Mikey's fathers birthday and after talking to him and wishing him a Happy B-day, Mikey got into the topic of family dinners. Sky told us that while growing up it was never too strict but on Sunday nights she had to have a sit down dinner with the family. Eddie had it pretty strict, there was no singing at the table and his family sat down every night together for dinner. Mikey said he rarely ever got a sit down dinner with his family.

~ We had a P-1 call in today telling us about how she just had a baby and her mother came to stay with her and help out with the baby. She told us that her mother started taking over all the time and was there a little too much. She told us that it got to the point where she had to ask her mom to leave because she was interfering.

~ Mikey had his brother Mark on the line today to talk about his parents and whether they interfered with his parenting and raising his kids. During the conversation they got into what they are doing or are going to do for their kids concerning the environment. This turned into a entirely different topic about the Al Gore movie and buying cars that are environmentally safe.

~ Charlie Ross who does the one man show of the Star Wars trilogy came into the studio today. He will be appearing this weekend at Spreckles and is making an appearance at Comic-con. He told us that he does the show without music or sound effects and no costumes or props. He said he has been making a living doing this for the past four years and he is even licensed by Lucas Films. We found out that he also does a one man Lord of the Rings trilogy. His website is

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Thursday July 20, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ We had one of the owners of The Cereal Port Café in studio today. Gregg from Cereal Café brought in some of their signature blends and they were fantastic. This is one of the greatest simple ideas ever. They are located right next to SDSU and have over 40 different cereals and toppings. One cereal they have is the 4:21 which is cocoa pebbles and your favorite candy bar mixed in. the website is

~ We played Tone Deaf Karaoke with our special lady Ashlee today. Today was a difficult batch of songs, Ashlee stumped quite a few P-1's. She sang Mariah Carey's Hero, Pardon Me by Incubus and that 80's song 99 Red Balloons. If you did not hear it today, just try to envision it.

~ Mikey read an email from a P-1 lady who was really concerned about her friend and what she was doing. P-1 Dani wrote Mikey telling him that her best friend who is pregnant, drinks anywhere from 1 to 3 or more drinks a week. P-1 Dani called in and told Mikey that she was really concerned for the baby and that she believes her friend is not being honest when she tells people how much she drinks so people do not thinks it’s a problem. She would not come on the show but the P-1's voiced their opinions saying that they felt it is really selfish and stupid to do what that lady is doing to her child.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Low I.Q. Haiku with the deans list SDSU student, Ashlee.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Tuesday July 18, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Rain Wilson who plays Dwight on The Office called into the show today. He was extremely cool and nice. He told us he got his name because his parents were hippies. We found out that he loves the British version of The Office and that his favorite episode of The Office in the version he is in it "The Injury" where his character gets a concussion. He has a movie coming out Friday called My Super Ex-Girlfriend where he told us he actually plays a normal guy.

~ Tyrone and Tortilla made an appearance on the show today. Today these jokers had on a celebrity gossip journalist who has made her main focus was the Hollywood baby boom. T and T really tore this lady apart and made her feel really uncomfortable when Tortilla asked her if she wanted to have a baby with him.

~ Drew Brees came into the studio today. He told us that he was in town to wrap up a few things before training camp starts. He told us about the 100 year old home he bought out in New Orleans and that he plans on keeping the home he has here in San Diego. He also divulged the crappy offer that the Chargers threw at him which would make anyone turn away. He told us that the Chargers offered 2 million compared to the Saints 10 million dollar offer for the year. He said all in all he is happy to be in New Orleans and is ready to help out the community.

~ Eddie came clean with a confession he told us about something that he did last night while his lady was making dinner. He told us that his fiancé made a nice marinade last night and that he thought it could of used a little help. Eddie went on to tell us that without Debra knowing he added some brown sugar to it and never told her. He explained that he did not tell her because he wanted to avoid any conversation that would of went on about it. Sky read into it that they have communication issues. Mikey told us he does the same thing when his wife cooks.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Danny DeVito calls into the show.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Monday July 17, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ We played a new game with the P-1's that involved Eddie and his freakishly brilliant knowledge of pop culture trivia called P-1 Pop Culture Quiz. We get P-1's on the line and they have a chance to beat Eddie in pop culture trivia. Eddie went undefeated today and I got a feeling its going to be a while before he is beat. Some questions were: what was Ron Burgundy's famous sign off line?, who was the wrestler Peter Parker defeated in Spider man? And so on.

~ M. Night Shyamalan called into the show today. He told us that he went to NYU film school and that he has a ton of movies that he made when he was younger that are the farthest thing from thrillers. Eddie told him that Unbreakable is his favorite M Night movie and Night agreed with his opinion. Night also told us that he does not think of any of his movies as horror movies really. He also told us that this new movie of his Lady in the Water started as a bedtime story he told his kids.

~ Philly Franks stopped by the studio today to hook us up with their delicious Philly cheese steak subs. They are located up in San Marcos and they told us that they are actually looking right now to start another location in San Diego and that they are offering 500 bucks to anyone that finds them a great location with a lot of parking.

~ We got a call from P-1 Brooke today who was a little upset because she is due in a few weeks and her man refuses to be in the delivery room with her. She told us that he thinks its disgusting and wants nothing to do with it. She also told us they even have separate bathrooms because he wants to know nothing about her going to the bathroom. We got him on the phone and he told us that seeing her like that would ruin it for him sexually and he will not be in there. Mikey told him that it’s a sacrifice he has to make for her to help her through it and be a part of it.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Raine Wilson who plays Dwight from The Office calls in. Josh Blue from Last Comic Standing comes into the studio.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Thursday July 13, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Tough Love with our boy Eddie returned. Today Eddie dished out his advice to an overweight guy who really wanted to get this one chick and tried losing some weight to make himself more attractive but has not lost a pound since he has been at it. The next tough love went to this dude who is a semi-pro surfer and wanted Eddie to hook him up with Ashlee. Finally Eddie doled out some brutalness to this guy who got in a fight with his chick and ended up spraining his hand when he got so mad he punched the water heater.

~ We played Tone Deaf Karaoke with our special lady Ashlee. She nailed the songs today and the P-1's could pretty much understand what came out of her mouth. She did Vanilla Ice famous rap Ice Ice Baby, also Oasis's Wonderwall as well as an Alicia Keys song.

~ Mikey read an email that he got from a P-1 all about how a story Mikey talked about on the air reminded him of when he was a young kid and tried to convince his parents to get cable. Mikey can clearly remember an instance when he was a eleven and he was trying to sell his parent on letting him go to a R.E.O. Speed wagon concert. Sky told us the thing she tried to convince her mom to let her do was not wear shoes whenever she went out and Sean told us about stealing things and thinking it was ok.

~ B. Rob dropped a comment about how Sky burns really bad and then dropped a comment about how white she is during the show. Mikey got her back and told B. Rob that because he was talking smack he had to go get sunburned. B. Rob opened his mouth again and now he has to sunburn a New York Yankees Derek Jeter jersey into his skin.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Low I.Q. Haiku. The winner of the Ultimate Fighter 3 Kendal Grove.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Wed. July 12, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Today Mikey played the new Audioslave song that has not been played before. Sky brought up the question "would it be good if Audioslave break up so Rage could do there thing again and Chris Cornell could do his thing?". Everyone thought she was crazy for even thinking that but then she told us that her husband actually believes that it would be better and does not like Audioslave as much as he loved Sound Garden and Rage.

~ Sky un-willing told us about the remodel going on in her kitchen and how her and her hubby had a little dispute over something he purchased. Mr. Sky during the remodel had gone out and purchased (without telling Sky) a brand new top of the line island grill for the yard with a kegarator in it. Sky was upset that he did not consult her and that it has nothing to do with the remodel. The guys tried telling her it is an extension of the kitchen because its something you cook on. Sky was pretty pissed. We took calls from P-1's about similar experiences.

~ We played "Who Can Sean Beat Now?". Today Sean actually did not know one but it did not count as a loss because the contending P-1 hung up because he thought he was already defeated. It was U2 Where the Streets Have No Name, Mikey was stunned that Sean could not remember it.

~ The show rated B. Rob's show prep today. B. Rob did a little better today then the past two days. Today, he actually gave his lists to Sky to let the guys guess, he gave Mikey an article that Mikey loved. The article was about Samuel L. Jackson putting out a book on tape of the Bible.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Tone Deaf karaoke with our special lady Ashlee. The Return of Tough Love with our boy Eddie.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Tuesday July 11, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Mikey got an email from this guy today and wanted some advice on the predicament he was in. He had hit a co-workers car in the parking lot and did not say anything and just took off. He wanted to know what he should do. Mikey called in a professional and Dr. Phil came in to give him some home spun backwoods advice. Dr. Phil quoted a Guns and Roses song then told him about his Asian mentor.

~ We played Puss Rock Juke Box today. Today the group of guys were not very gay and not that impressive either. Also, in today's game it was the first time ever that Mikey gave a P-1 a second chance and played him another Sting song, which the P-1 nailed it.

~ B. Rob told us that he will be meeting his girlfriends mother real soon. He explained that there is a bit of a problem because she is a very straight laced lady. He went on to say that all of his girlfriends previous boyfriends were button down shirt kind of guys and B. Rob is the farthest thing from that. His lady told him that she has kind of a problem with his tattoo's  but will deal with it and also that he can not let her know that he smokes cigarettes. He had a little bit of a problem with that because he smokes a lot and feels he should not have to hide anything but he said he is willing to do it for his lady.

~ Mikey rated B. Rob's show prep today. B. Rob gets Mikey different show prep occasionally, which Mikey wishes he did more often, from the newspapers and different magazines. Mikey read the prep on air and had each person on the show give him a grade. Today Sean gave him an "F" for his smoking kills people article.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… The Game "Who Can Sean Beat Now?". A story about Sky that you wont believe.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Monday July 10, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ Carlos Mencia called into the show today, without us even knowing. Carlos was on the show last week and pitched us a bit he was working on called stereotypical Olympics. Mikey explained once he was off the line with us that 2 jocks in Miami actually came up with that. Also during that interview we talked to Carlos about how Joe Rogan will not mend the bridge with Carlos because he still thinks he is a thief. Carlos called today to clear the air and let us know that the bit he told us about was not his and it came from those jocks in Miami and he is actually boys with them. He told us they were the ones who  wanted him to use the bit and they gave him the ok.

~ We played Loaded Questions today. Today's loaded questions were almost dead give always. We found out a lot about Eddie, Sky and Mikey. We learned that when Eddie bets, he bets numbers for sports players like he will bet on 16 for Joe Montana, 23 for Michael Jordan and 8 for Steve Young. Mikey told us that if he hits the lotto he already has a designated amount he would give each of us. He said he would give Sean, Sky and Eddie each a million and B. Rob and Ashlee each half a million. Sky explained to us her favorite treat of all is muddy bears which are chocolate covered gummy bears and that once a year she bleaches her toe hair.

~ Duce McAllister the running back for New Orleans Saints called into the show today. He talked to us about the rebuilding of New Orleans and how he has been trying to help out as much as he can. He said he was doing a lot of hands on work working with Habitat for Humanity and well as working with kids. He also told us that he is helping charities in the area raise money to rebuild and get everyone back on their feet.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Puss Rock Juke Box. Dr. Phil gives his backwoods weirdo advice.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Friday July 7, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ We had P-1 Derek in studio today. He had written Mikey an email telling him that he recently had all of his tools stolen. Mikey invited him into the studio to help out a P-1. Mikey genuinely wanted to help out a P-1 in need but he admitted at the same time he wanted to hear this guys testimony about how great Bosch is. Mikey gave this guy the pocket driver, the power drill, the sawzall, and a circular saw. This P-1 was ecstatic.

~ B. Rob told us about when he started dating his girlfriend she interviewed for a sales job here at Clear Channel. She almost took the job and B. Rob told us that it made him really uncomfortable. He explained that it would have been too much for them to see each other everyday and that he would also get distracted. Mikey brought up that if they had broken up it would make it even worse. Sky saw nothing wrong with them working together and would love if her husband worked with her. P-1's called in to tell stories of working with spouses.

~ We played Low I.Q. Haiku today. Ashlee did not do very well but the P-1's were on the money. Ashlee thought that vigilant meant being mean and could not tell us what auspicious or brandish meant, it was wicked funny.

~ Mikey told us today that he has to go to Lamaz class tonight and that he was really not happy about it. He wondered if it even was worth going because women have been having babies since the dawn of man and have not needed it before. P-1's called in to tell him that it was a waste of time, even lady P-1's were calling in to tell Mikey that.

Next week on The Mikey Show… Eddie returns and B. Rob can stop sucking it up at sports.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Thursday July 6, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ We had Tito Ortiz call into the show. He is fighting Ken Shamrock this weekend and it is going to be one of the biggest fights in the UFC because these guys hate each other. Tito told us that he hates Ken because he saw Ken dog a kid who wanted an autograph at one of his fights and ever since then he has thought of Ken as a Cobra Kai from the Karate Kid. He verified that he will be fighting the president of the UFC Dana White and that he made it part of his contract to stay in the UFC. They are going to go at it boxing style in three rounds three minutes apiece. Ken was supposed to be on the line with us today but he flaked.

~ We played Tone Deaf Karaoke today. Today's round was a tough one, the P-1's had a lot of trouble figuring out which songs Ashlee was trying to destroy. The only obvious songs today were a System of a Down song and Eminem's Lose Yourself.

~ Mikey brought up a topic today that he had some strong feelings about. He said he does not feel obligated when the server says "how are you?" to say anything back except for what he is about to order. Sky did not agree with that and felt it was very rude and that you should ask them back even if you are placating them. Mikey felt that no one really cares and its just their job to ask you how you are and you should not have to respond.

~ Mikey made a bold statement today while talking about Lance Armstrong. He said that he would not mind losing a testicle to cancer. He said it would be worse losing a toe because that everyone can notice and losing a testicle no one would know. B. Rob strongly disagreed and felt that it would psychological mess him up and it would take a while to get used to missing a ball. P-1's that had lost one called in and said it's not as bad as you think and you can get a prosthetic. One P-1 called in saying he almost sold one of his to science for 200 thousand.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Low I.Q. Haiku.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mikey Show Recap Wed. July 5, 2006

Today on The Mikey Show…

~ We played Mikeys' Gay Pod. Today we had no winners which is really weird for this game because as long as you guess low you can win. Mikey had some really gay stuff on his Ipod today. We even heard a Michael Bolton song, no one should ever listen to that.

~ Mikey told the story of Ashlee's birthday dinner. This was crazy. There were about 20 people all out to dinner and Mikey stood up to thank everyone for coming and tell Ashlee that its her special day and then he told Booby Kernals that Sky, Eddie and himself would be buying Bobby's dinner. It was all good and funny until they looked over at Ashlee and saw that she was crying. From then on the rest of the night was very awkward for Mikey. He did not mean it in a mean way he has nothing but love for Ashlee it was only a joke.

~ We played Is Shauna at Work Yet? Today. The P-1 won today because he played it safe and said that she would not be at work and of course she wasn't.

~ We talked about traffic and Mikey wondered if people even listened to it or used it for there morning commute. Mikey told us that he does not understand a thing when he hears the traffic because it goes by so quick. We got Rick, who does our traffic, on the line and he told us that they have to fit so much in so little time. Rick is one of the top traffic guys around and gave a traffic live on the spot and killed it. We had P-1's call in and tell us that they depend on the traffic for their commute everyday.

Tomorrow on The Mikey Show… Tone Deaf Karaoke with our special lady Ashlee.